We’re one of the leading end to end provider of integrated supply chain and logistics solutions provider(LSP). With head offices in London, United Kingdom, we employ a far-reaching global network that stretches across six continents, and includes the largest distribution network and hub operations. Our core business encompasses international freight forwarding, integrated logistics, global shipping, container tracking, supply chain, transportation, air freight, ocean freight etc.

For MERU LOGISTICS’s highly skilled and professional staff, there is no cargo challenge that cannot be met. Our customers enjoy the peace of mind that comes from working with a carrier that offers proven shipping solutions, including out-of-gauge cargo, perishable goods, or hazardous cargo. Our solution-based mindset and can-do attitude can be found in each and every one of our professional employees and partners across the globe.

Ethics & Compliance

MERU LOGISTICS is committed to conducting its business in accordance with applicable laws, rules and regulations and the highest standards of business ethics, and to full and accurate financial disclosure in compliance with applicable laws, rules and regulations.

Our Company will not only comply with all applicable laws, rules and regulations but our global leadership team will also demonstrate its responsibility to conduct itself in an honest and ethical manner, that includes creating a culture of high ethical standards and commitment to compliance, maintaining a work environment that encourages employees to raise concerns, and promptly addressing employee compliance concerns.

Our People

At MERU LOGISTICS we take a fresh approach to global logistics, with “people first” service differentiators including:

  • Service efficiency and a “Thrill the Customer” mentality
  • Enthusiasm & friendliness
  • Prompt responses
  • A great place to work culture
  • A highly skilled & continuously developing team

We believe that the biggest difference between service providers lies in the people who make up the company. Our advantage is our people and the dedication and commitment they bring to serving our clients every day.

We leverage our team’s talent to create Innovative logistics solutions designed to improve our clients’ results. Our agile and responsive organization works to ensure that our services and solutions are delivered with excellence.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Volunteerism and humanitarian initiatives are deeply ingrained in our corporate culture. As an organization and as individuals, we take great pride in the social and environmental cases we support at both local global levels. We actively take part in noteworthy activities such as spearheading medical missions, promoting education and the arts, launching charitable works for underprivileged women and children, distributing food and clothing provisions to those in need, and supporting environmental conservation and recycling efforts.

Mission & Vision

Our mission is to create prosperity through global trade by providing logistics solutions, delivered with excellence by people who care.

MERU LOGISTICS subscribes to the following shared values, which transcend our organization:

Our Values

Value #1: We cross sea and oceans for our Customers

Value #2: We believe that people are our best asset

Value #3: We constantly strive to optimize our Efficiency

Value #4: We seek Creative Operational Solutions

Value #5: We nurture long-term Partnerships

Value #6: We care for the Land, Sea Community & Environment